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Hello! I’m Jacie, the moss boss (haha) behind Moss Love. I started this business in late 2012 after discovering an unexpected obsession with moss terrariums. I applied for a big local craft show with just a few photos of my creations and to my surprise, I got in! My business was born and snowballed from there. Before long I was able to leave my corporate job in order to purse Moss Love full time. I put this business on hiatus in 2017 as I focused on my newer biz, Band of Weirdos. But the moss is callin’ out to me again and I cannot resist its sweet, sweet song. I’m SO excited to bring Moss Love back, thank you for being here! ♡

Premade Terrariums

I handmake and sell limited batches of premade terrariums through my Etsy shop. These used to be made-to-order, but to keep my workload manageable, I will now be releasing them in collections based on what I already have made. So if you see one you like, be sure to snag it! ;) I’ve perfected the art of shipping moss terrariums and when you receive yours, it’ll come with easy instructions for unpacking and taking care of it.

DIY Kits

If you’d rather make a moss terrarium yourself, I also sell DIY kits in my Etsy shop! I hire my local friends to help me put these together, and as you open your jar you may hear echoes of laughter and chatting. ;) These are also made in limited batches. I will continue to restock them after they sell out but there will be a wait between each shop update, so be sure to act quickly if you spot them in stock. I’ve spent many years getting these kits just right and have sold thousands upon thousands - the feedback has been so nice. ♡ If you need a cool gift idea, I got you! Each kit comes with everything you need to make your own magical mossy little world. ♡

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How do I water my terrarium?Your moss will be happiest if you use filtered water from a fridge or water bottle.Give 2-3 sprays with included mister every 3 weeks (only if dry). Resist the urge to overwater. Less is more!The lid in your jar allows water to cycle itself within your terrarium and retain proper humidity levels, so be sure to leave it on otherwise. You do not want to see more than a little bit of moisture on the interior glass. If excess water droplets build up, there’s too much warmth or water in your terrarium. Remove the lid to evaporate, then replace. Too much water can lead to mold, gross!There should come a point where your terrarium doesn’t look dry or too wet - this is the sweet spot. Even when you’ve reached this terrarium bliss and don’t need to mist as often, it’s still important that you briefly open the lid every few weeks to allow fresh air in.---What kinda light does does moss need?Keep your terrarium out of direct sunlight - this can cause too much humidity. Although most varieties of moss thrive in shade outdoors, in an indoor terrarium they do best in bright artificial light or indirect sunlight. Shady spots indoors are okay too, but if your moss starts to turn brown, try moving it to a spot with more light.---How do I prune or replace my moss?Just like with any live plants, it’s normal for some areas of your terrarium to thrive and others to need trimming or perhaps replacement.Trim away any pieces that are getting too long (nice work!) to promote fuller re-growth.For replacement of larger pieces, you can purchase moss from my Etsy Shop. To remove moss from your terrarium, you can use a sharp knife to slowly cut out a portion and pull it out. Then fit the new moss into the space in your jar, lightly pushing it into place.---Help! My moss is turning brown.There are several factors that could be causing this.First, you’ll want to reset the moisture level in your terrarium. Remove the lid and allow water to fully evaporate, then mist your moss 2-3 times and replace the lid.Moss can also turn brown if you are using tap water instead of filtered water (tap water can have too much chlorine).Or your moss could also need more light - try moving your terrarium closer to a bright indoor light or spot with indirect sun.---I see mold…You may have heard that moss terrariums are basically indestructible, but over-watering can be their downfall by causing mold.If you see wispy white cotton-like growths, try wiping them away with a paper towel. If the mold is successfully removed, reset the moisture level in your terrarium by removing the lid and allowing water to fully evaporate, then mist the moss 2-3 times and replace the lid.If the moldy spot is thicker and you can’t wipe it way, cut off and remove the moldy moss using a sharp knife. It’s okay to carefully pick up the moss as it does not have traditional roots. If you do not remove the moldy pieces, the mold will spread. See replacement of moss two questions above to fill your empty spot back in with some healthy new moss.---Any other questions? Feel free to contact me!


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